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Imp - The Complaining One
  All of our alpacas are fiber males; that is, they are not herd sires but geldings used for their fiber only.

We want to work with fiber males at this time so we can groove ourselves into the alpaca industry a little at a time.

With this approach, we get hands-on experience in caring for our animals and learn the little  idiosyncrasies that inevitably come with wildlife.

Working with our vet and the alpaca community, and by studying books and videos on alpacas and llamas, we believe we're on track to build our farm up properly with a better than average quality of life for our herd.

<--- To the left is Imp - Full Name: Golden Impulse

Our other brown boy, Imp is distinguishable from Atlis because of the white spot on the top of his head.

Imp's main trait is his high pitched squeal when we put
out the feed. He likes to tell the others that's HIS food
and nobody else's.

Full Name: Atlis

The bright-eyed and hungry one, is one of our brown boys and Edsel's older brother.

He's always the first to greet us when we're dishing out the food and he'll eat out of our hands, even when we don't want him to have what is in them at the moment.

He's the most photogenic of our herd. His eyes are always bright and taking in the whole world.

Atlis is almost as curious as Llama Boy, but in a less intrusive way.

- The Bright-eyed One


Gideon - The Alert One
  Full Name:  Gideon

Originally, we purchased Llama Boy to be the protector and sentry of the herd. Since he was young and hadn't yet learned to guard the pack - as we learned not all llamas have the knack of it - he never really became the sentry.

Gideon, on the other hand, was a great sentry from the start. We have two little hills in the front yard that he immediately went up on and started his sentry duty.

When he senses something is off, he will get up on the hill and make a clicking noise with his mouth, alerting the others to something not quite right.

Even though he is gelded, Gideon acts more like a guard llama than Llama Boy, although he is only half llama.

We affectionately sometimes refer to him as our llapaca.

Technically, he is called a misti, a crossbreeding of a female alpaca with a male llama.

Full name: Edsel

The I-can-do-anything-you-can one. Our multicolored and smallest alpaca that bears no resemblance to the car of the same name.

Don't ask why he is called that, we're not sure. That was just his name when we bought him.

, even though he is small, will play with the bigger ones as if he is their size. He likes to prove himself to his older brother, Atlis. He can be quite active - when we're not looking.

For his diminutive stature, he is quite quick, especially when it comes time for shots, toenail trimming, shearing or anything else he thinks we're coming to get him to do.


Edsel - The I-Can-Do-Anything One


- The Cool One
Full name: MFI Aintnostoppinme

Blu is one of our original three boys and is all white. We named him Blu because he has one blue eye.

When we first got him, he was quite shy and wouldn't let us pet him too much. Over the years, he has mellowed out and is more accustomed to letting us touch him and hold him. He is now also the least skittish of the whole herd.

He seems to have an "I could care less" attitude when we are moving around doing things these days, whereas he used to be one of the first to run out of the way well before we got to him.

Being all white, Blu (just like little kids with new clothes/shoes) is apparently magnetically attracted to mud puddles. It never fails, right after a rain or if we have been watering or washing something off in the yard, Blu makes a beeline towards the biggest mud puddle he can find and rolls in it.

When we can keep him clean, Blu is sort of our "spokesalpaca." He is the one everyone wants to touch and love on when they see him.


Full name: Llama Boy

Yes, the name is generic. But, that is what we got when we let our kids name him.

He was our first llama. As llamas are naturally curious - and sometimes annoying at it - Llama Boy does not disappoint.

This llama is as curious as they come. We hear him throughout the day - and night - getting into everything and anything. Sniffing this, or looking at that. If we don't close the door on the storage container when we are getting their feed, Llama Boy will be right up in there with us wanting first dibs.

He was the first to figure out how to push our front gate open (the electric opener and lock were not working at the time) and get out for the greener grass on the other side.

Llama Boy
- The Curious One.


- The Untouchable One
  Full name: MFI Peruvian Storm Surge

Another of our first three boys.

We call him Spot because of the white spot on the back of his head and one little white spot on one of his toes. That is the only part of him that isn't black.

He still doesn't like to be touched or held. We catch hold of him every now and then when he isn't paying attention - not that he likes it when we do.

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