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C H I C K E N S  &  G O A T S

In addition to our main focus of alpacas, we also raise chickens and pygmy goats on our farm.

Snowflake the Rooster

Our original intent to raise chickens was threefold: fresh eggs and meat for the family, natural bug control so we didn't have to use environmentally harsh chemicals and save money by living more off the land.

Then, after we jumped into it, we found there was some minor income to be made with chickens that could help fill in the gaps and, at the same time, provide for others' needs.


We sell roosters mainly for meat. They might be good for breeding if the concern is not about purebred chickens.

We have a mixture of breeds on the property and don't keep them separate.

All of our birds are free range, so we don't guarantee they are of one particular breed.

We do not process chickens for food. The birds are sold live. It is the buyer's responsibility to determine how and where to get their birds processed.


We keep most of our hens for egg production and hatching chicks. Although, from time to time, if we get some that aren't producing or don't help hatch, we will sell some.


Starting in the first quarter of 2010, we experimented with hatching chicks. When we get more experience under our belts, and the flock grows large enough, we may decide to sell some chicks. For now, we are putting our attention on growing the flock.


Starting in 2010 we will be selling eggs locally. Throughout 2010, we will be adjusting our feeding, care and maintenance to work out the best production of eggs. Please bear with us while we learn the ropes on this new - to us - technology.

For availability and pricing on chicks, hens, roosters and eggs, contact: info@bentriveralpacas.com


The goats were more of an impulse buy while Michelle was perusing the internet one day.

A sucker for cute and cuddly things (puppies, kittens, baby chicks, crias, kids, you name it), she saw Sara and Nan in an ad on goats for sale and had to go touch and play with them.

Of course, to make a long story short, she ended up buying them plus, a little later on, Peanut.

    Endless bundles of energy, Pygmies are non-stop action in a small compact lawnmower package.

Around here, with their antics, we have a daily show better than any TV sitcom.

Their adventures run the gamut from "Oh my ..." to "What the ..." to "You just have to see this!" Needless to say, the camera is never too far from our hands.

Our core family of Pygmies (Peanut, Nan and Sara) are not for sale. They are our breeders. Their kids, once weaned, will be for sale.


A shortened form of Nanna, her original name. It just became quicker to say, so it stuck.

Nan is Sara's mother. She likes to push everyone else around, even Peanut, and be top goat in the pen.

While we didn't originally intend to purchase Nan, Sara was still not weaned yet, so we bought both to allow for proper weaning to take place.


Sara is Nan's offspring. She loves for us to scratch her back. Almost like a cat she tries to raise her butt a bit when scratching from head to rear.

Very sociable to humans as she always was as a kid.

Her and Nan don't always see eye to eye. We suppose it is the teenage rebel coming out in her.

  PEANUT - Our billy/buck.

The ruler of the pen - not that Nan agrees with that as she constantly tries to prove to him.

He thinks he is bigger than he is.

Dean likes watching him chase Michelle around the pen when she is trying to feed the goats. He seems to think she is one of his girls. Michelle just thinks he's nuts.


Our newest doeling was born on Michelle's birthday in 2010. She is Sara's first kid that came out smaller than normal.

Imagine a racquetball bouncing around the court after being shot out of a cannon; that is Half-pint running around the goat pen. Small, and like a bullet, just not as accurate.

Since she is Michelle's "birthday present," she will not be for sale.

  SALEEN - Tex's twin sister.

Born January 2010, Saleen is our little greeter. When we go in to feed or clean out the goat barrels (their beds) she is always there nibbling on our hat, clothes, hair, fingers, boots or whatever is within her mouth's reach.

She loves being pet and just eats it all up. She also loves the camera. It is hard to get a good shot of her as she is always coming up trying to get at the little shiny thing in our hands.

She even starts climbing up our legs to try and get at it. Forget distance shots, she wants to be right up in our faces!

    TEX - Saleen's twin brother

Also born January 2010, but unlike his sister, Tex isn't as keen on petting. He's still shy with us.

However, he doesn't have a lack of energy. He likes to run around the pen doing high sidekicks while rounding the corners.

He must have built in springs in those legs of his because he sure can jump!

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